After meeting every Creation to its end, Allah, the Exlted, will make an angel Israfeel (Peace be upon him) alive again and command him to blow the trumpet again. On listening to the voice of it, every person, including angels, Jinns, and animals will gather altogether.
(And because the Hour is to come, there is no doubt in it and because Allah will raise those who are in the graves.)
[Holy Quran, Chapter: 22, Verse: 7]

After meeting every Creation to its end, Allah, the Exlted, will make an angel Israfeel (Peace be upon him)About the resurrection of mankind on the Day of Judgment, in a very clear word, the Holy Quran says:
(Then after this, necessarily you are to die. Then you all shall be raised up on the Day of Judgment. )
[Holy Quran, Chapter: 23, Verses: 15, 16]

Recreation of human being would be done through a small piece of bone that is situated at the end of the back bone. This tiny piece of bone is the base of us, so it would never be destroyed as the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, “Every part of the body of the child of Adam would be destroyed by soil except “Ajabuz Zanab” (A tiny piece of the bone at the end of the back bone) from which mankind was created first and from the same will be made alive again.”
[Muslim: Imam Muslim, Vol: 7, Page: 840]

According to the authentic resources, everyone will gather on the ground of Syria. This day will last long up to fifty thousand years. Allah the Exalted, says:
(The angels and the spirit ascend to Him in a Day the measure whereof is fifty thousand years.)
[Holy Quran, Chapter: 70, Verse: 4]

Upon hearing the above verse, people around the Prophet (Peace be upon him) asked him, “What a long day this will be?” Thereupon he replied, “By the one in whose hand my soul is, it will be alleviated for a believer till it becomes shorter than the time of one prescribed prayer he used to pray in this world.”
[Ziaul Quran: Allama Peer Karam Shah, Vol: 5, Page: 360]

It is a privilege, and it would be granted to our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) that he will rise from his grave first with his both companions; Shaikh Abu Bakr and Shaikh Umar Farouq (May Allah be pleased with them). Pointing to this, note that he said, ..…I will be raised first from my grave…”
[Muslim: Imam Muslim, Vol: 6, Page: 680]

To the ground in Syria where the process of judgement will be held, some will proceed walking on their feet, some riding on, and some others would be dragged.
[See, Tirmizi: Imam Muhammad Bin Ismael Tirmizi, Vol: 3, Page: 519]

And some others would be forced by fire to it.
[See, Bukhari: Imam Muhammad bin Ismael, Vol:3, Page:519]


On that day earth and heavens would be changed as Allah, the Exalted, says:
(On that day, the Earth will be changed to a different earth, and so will be the Heavens, and people will be marshaled forth, before Allah, the One, the Irresistible)
[Holy Quran, Chapter: 14, Verse: 48]

There are several explanations for what really means by “Changing of the earth and heavens.” However, the most reliable one is that the earth will be plain as there would be no ups and downs on the face of the earth. Whereas, the “Changing of heavens” means, the sun will get very close to the earth.
[See, Ibn-e-Maja: Imam Muhammad Bin Yazid, Vol: 3, Page:585]

As the sun will get as close as one mile (or equal to the length of a stick that usually has been used for putting black powder inside the eyes) from the earth, people will feel severely hot. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, “The people would be submerged in to perspiration according to their deeds, some up to the knees, some up to the waist, and some would have, the bridle of perspiration.” While saying this Allah’s Prophet (Peace be upon him) pointed his hand towards his mouth.
[Muslim: Imam Muslim bin Hajjaj bin Muslim, Vol:7, Page:692]

Because of the uncomfortable and horrible situation on that day; people will be careless about others. They will be thinking of their own safety, taking shelter to a better place.
Holy Quran says: ( On that day man will flee from his brother. And from his mother and his father. And from his wife and his children. Each one of them, that Day, will have enough concern (of his own) to make him unmindful to the others )
[Holy Quran, Chapter: 80, Verses: 34-37]

Getting tired of this horrible situation, people will ask Prophet Adam (Peace be upon him) to intercede for his children, he will refuse saying, “I am not for it” and advise them to go to Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) because he was entitled with “Khalilul Laah.” People, then will come to him. He will refuse, then they will come to the last Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) after receiving the same answer from Prophet Musa and Prophet Isa (Peace be upon them). Our beloved Prophet, on looking at them, will say “Yes I am for it” and he will intercede for them before Allah The Exalted.
[See, Muslim: Imam Muslim, Vol: 1, Page: 811]


People will stand before their Lord on that day to hear His sentence. Allah, the Exalted, says:
(On a great day. A day when people will stand before the Lord of the Worlds)
[Holy Quran, Chapter: 83, Verses: 5, 6]

Deeds of everyone, good or bad would be brought forward to be seen. Allah, the Exalted, says:
( The day when every soul shall find presented whatever it did of good and whatever it did of evil. )
[Holy Quran, Chapter: 3, Verse: 30]

Those who do wrong in this world will not find any way to get rid of the judgment proceedings by giving their excuses for their involvement in wrong actions
(Therefore, on that day, oppressors will not get any benefit from their excuse, nor will they be allowed to make amends. )
[Holy Quran, Chapter: 30, Verse: 57]

In addition, they will not be allowed to give something in order to get concessions in their punishment as Allah, The Exalted says:
(And fear the day, when no soul shall be substitute for another, nor shall intercession be accepted from any infidel, nor ransom taken from them, and none shall be helped. )
[Holy Quran, Chapter: 2, Verse: 48]


However, those who have Imaan will find intercessions for them before Allah, the Exalted. In the second chapter of this book, we have discussed about the intercession that will be made by our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) for his followers. Recalling that discussion, here, couple of beautiful sayings of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) will be added.
Narrated by Aof Bin Malik (May Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon him) said, “I was given an option by Allah, the Exalted, to select between, letting half of my followers in Paradise or the ” right of intercession”. So, I have choosen the “right of intercession” and it would be for every Muslim who did not associate anybody with Allah.”
[Tirmizi: Imam Muhammad Bin Isa, Vol: 2, Page: 86]

On the Day of Judgement, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) will keep on exercising this right for his followers having shortcoming in their deeds. Even those who have Imaan but having mere deeds will be forgiven.
[See, Ibn-e-Maja: Imam Muhammad Bin Yazid, Vol:3, Page:604]

In addition to it, Islamic scholars and martyrs will have a chance to intercede for Muslims as our Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, “On the Day of Judgment, three groups will intercede, Prophets, then Islamic scholars, and then martyrs.”
[Same Book , Vol: 3, Page: 605]

Likewise, one who memorized the Holy Quran will be given permission to intercede for his family members as much as ten of them. For it, our Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, “One who has read the Holy Quran and memorized it, Allah the Exalted, will enter him into Paradise, and accept his intercession for those ten family members of him, whom it is must to enter Hell. ”
[Same Book , Vol: 1, Page: 158]

Immature fetus will also have a privilege to intercede for his parents, as Imam Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) narrated from the Prophet (Peace be upon him) saying, “An immature fetus will make arguments with his Lord upon looking his parents entering Hell till he will be commanded to have his parents let an entry into Paradise…”
[Ibn-e-Maja: Imam Muhammad Bin , Vol: 1, Page: 796]

Along with above groups, Holy Quran will intercede its recites.
[See, Muslim: Imam Muslim, Vol: 2, Page: 584]

As well as forty people who join the funeral prayer of a Muslim and ask for him Allah’s forgiveness, would be accepted too.
[See, Muslim: Imam Muslim, Vol: 2, Page: 764]


Siraat” is a bridge extending over the midst of Hell. People will have to pass over it. Upon asking it’s description in detail, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, “Siraat is a slippery (bridge over the two ends of Hell). On it, there are thorns like (are found in Najd) sadaan. The believers would pass over it in the twinkling of an eye, like lighting, like wind, like birds. Like the finest horses and camels. Some will escape and be safe, some will be lacerated and let go, and some will be pushed into the Hell fire……”
[Muslim: Imam Muslim, Vol: 1, Page: 789]


It is a scale which will be set up on the Day of Judgement for weighing the deeds of people. For setting up the Mizaan, Allah, the Exalted, says:
(And we shall set up scales of Justice for the Day of Judgement, then no soul will be dealt unjustly in the least. And if there be anything, even equal to a grain of mustard seed, we shall bring it. And we are sufficient to take account. )
[Holy Quran, Chapter: 21, Verse: 47]

After the process of weighing all deeds of people, they will be made listen to the verdict of Allah, the Exalted:
( Then those whose scales are heavy, they would reach to their goals. And whose scales are light, these are ones who put their souls in loss, forever they will remain in the Hell. )
[Holy Quran, Chapter: 23, Verses: 102, 103]


Canal of Kausar is one of the favors given to our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) by Almighty Allah. According to one of the authentic explanations of the first verse of the chapter named “Kasusar” from the Holy Quran, Allah, the Exalted has indicated to it saying:
(We have granted you the canal of Kausar. )
[Holy Quran, Chapter: 108, Verse: 1]

Narrated by Shaikh Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, “Kausar is a canal in Paradise, It’s both sides made of gold, and base was decorated with pearls and ruby stones. Its soil is more pleasantly scented than Musk, and its water is sweeter than honey, and whiter than ice.”
[Ziaul Quran: Peer Karam Shah, Vol: 5, Page: 686]

Canal of Kasuar is very big. According to Prophet (Peace be upon him) it’s length is longer than the distance between Aila (a mountain near Yanbo in Egypt) and Adan. And it has bowls more than the number of stars on the sky.
[See, Ibn-e-Maja: Imam Muhammad Bin Yazid, Vol:3, Page: 596 ]

With the unique status granted by Allah, the Exalted, our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him) was able to help his followers in all three places; “bridge of Siraat,” “Balance,” and at “canal of Kausar.” As Anas Bin Malik (May Allah be pleased with him) asked the Prophet (Peace be upon him) about his presence on the Day of Judgment, then he replied, “First you try to find me on the “bridge of Siraat.” I asked, “What if I will not get you there ?” He said, “Then try to get me near the Balance.” I asked, “What if I will not get you there?” He replied, “Then you will find me near canal of Kausar for sure, because I will not be in any place other than these three locations.
[Tirmizi: Imam Muhammad Bin Isa, Vol: 2, Page: 78]


It would be a greatest pleasure for a Muslim to have a chance to see his Lord on the Day of Judgment. Allah, the Exalted, says:
(Some faces on that day will be fresh; looking towards their Lord)
[Holy Quran, Chapter: 75, Verses: 22, 23]

Regarding this topic, our beloved (Peace be upon him) says, “You will be presented before your Lord, and then you will see Him as you see the moon.”
[Muslim: Imam Muslim, Vol: 2, Page: 255]

Because of the importance of this remarkable privilege for prosperous Muslims, some companions of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) asked, “Will we see Allah, the Exalted, on the Day of Judgment?” He replied, “Yes,” and he continued saying that, “When the sun is on your head at mid-day and there is no cloud on the sky, is it difficult for you to see the sun? Likewise, when the full moon is out and no cloud covers any part of it, is it hard for you to see the moon?” Companions of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) replied, “No.” Then the Prophet (Peace be upon him) made his statement clear saying, “Therefore, as you see the sun and the moon evidently in this world, you will see Allah, the Exalted.”
[Muslim: Imam Muslim, Vol: 1, Page: 787]