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PROPHET ADAM 150 150 islamicmission

(Peace be upon him) There was a time when this Earth was without any human life. Allah, The Exalted, decided to inhabit it with mankind. He created a man out of clay and called him Prophet Adam (Peace be upon him). Allah, The Exalted, had…

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PROPHET NOOH 150 150 islamicmission

The first Prophet of Allah, The Almighty, Prophet Adam (Peace be upon him), came to earth with his wife Eve (Peace be upon her). After some times they were reunited and lived together for many years. Many children were born to them. As the children…

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PROPHET HOOD 150 150 islamicmission

(Peace be upon him) Allah, The Almighty, sent His Messengers to show people the righteous way of worshipping the one and only creator. But as the nature of human beings, they went astray again and started prostrating before idols and pleasing Satan (Shaitan). Then Allah,…

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PROPHET SALEH 150 150 islamicmission

(Peace be upon him) Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him)was sent by Allah, The Almighty, to the people of Thamod. They had big palatial houses in the mountains, fields full of corn and gardens of dates. But as the people before them, they also forgot…

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