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(Peace be upon him)

Prophet Ilyas (Peace be upon him) belongs to the family of Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him).
[And this was the reasoning about Us, which We gave to Ibrahim against his people, We raise in degrees whom We please. Undoubtedly, your Lord is Wise, Knowing. And We gave him [Prophet Ibrahim] Ishaque and Yaqoob, We showed the path to all of them and showed path to Nuh before them and of his progeny to Dawood and Sulaiman and Ayub and Yusuf and Musa and Haroon and thus We reward those who do good the. And to Zakaria and Yahya and Isa and Ilyas. These are all entitled to be Our near ones.]
((Holy Quran, Chapter: 6, Verses: 83-85

Prophet Ilyas (Peace be upon him) was a messenger of Allah , The Almighty.
[And undoubtedly, Ilyas is among the

((Holy Quran, Chapter: 37, Verse: 123

Prophet Ilyas (Peace be upon him) was sent to one of the tribes of Banu Israel at Balabak, somewhere in present day Lebanon.
(Ziaul Quran: Peer karam Shah, part:4, page:215)

The people of Balabak forgot the message of Almighty Allah and started worshipping idols. Prophet Ilyas (Peace be upon him) made them understand this practice was wrong.
[When he said to his people, do you not fear? Do you worship Bal and leave the best creator? ]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter: 37, Verses: 124-125

Prophet Ilyas (Peace be upon him) ordered them to give up this way of worshipping and appealed logically that Allah, The Almighty, alone should be worshipped.
[And leave the best Creator? Allah who is your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers?]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter: 37, Verses: 125-126

Prophet Ilyas (Peace be upon him) made every effort to show them the righteous way, the path of their ancestors but they refused to accept his message. At last, Allah, The Almighty, sent down His terrible punishment. And thus they were all wiped out from the earth.
[Then they belied him, so necessarily they will come arrested.]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter: 37, Verse: 127

But Allah , The Almighty, saved his followers.
[But the chosen devotees of Allah. And We left his good name in later generation. Peace be upon Ilyas. Undoubtedly thus We reward those who do good.]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter: 37, Verse: 132

Due to his righteousness Allah, The Almighty, praised Prophet Ilyas ( Peace be upon him).
[And verily Ilyas is among our believing devotees.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter: 37, Verses: 127-131)