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The first Prophet of Allah, The Almighty, Prophet Adam (Peace be upon him), came to earth with his wife Eve (Peace be upon her). After some times they were reunited and lived together for many years. Many children were born to them. As the children grew older, they got married and the population began to increase. After some time people began migrating to different places on earth.
The children of Prophet Adam (Peace be upon him) remembered the teachings and messages of their father. But their children forgot this message and went astray. They started worshipping idols, which they made with their own hands. Then, The Almighty, sent to them a righteous Prophet, Nooh (Peace be upon him) as his messenger to bring the people back to the right path.
Allah, The Almighty, said:
[Undoubtedly, we sent towards his people to warn them before a painful torment was to come to them.]
((Holy Quran, Chapter:71, Verse:1

Allah, The Almighty, also said:
[And undoubtedly, we sent Nooh towards his people and he said O my people, worship Allah, there is no God besides He. Do you not fear?]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:23, Verse:23)
But the people of Prophet Nooh (Peace be upon him) refused to accept his divine message and said:

[He is a mad man’ and [they] scolded him.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:54, Verse:9)

Prophet Nooh (Peace be upon him) made a tireless effort to bring his people to the righteous path, the path of Allah, The Almighty, but they refused to even listen to him. He (Peace be upon him) reminded them again:
[I deliver to you the messages of my Lord, wishing you good and I know that from Allah which you do not]
((Holy Quran, Chapter:7, Verse:62

At last Prophet (Peace be upon him) said to his Lord:
[He submitted, O my Lord, I have called my people night and day. But my calling has only increased them in fleeing away from the path of Allah. ]
Holy Quran, Chapter:71, Verse:5,6))

Then Allah, The Almighty said:
[And it was revealed to Nooh, none of your people will become Muslim but those who now believe, grieve
not then at what they do. And build the ark before us and with our command and address Me not concerning the unjust, they shall necessarily be drowned. And Nooh builds the ark and whenever the chief of his people passed by him, they laughed at him………]

((Holy Quran, Chapter:11, Verse:36-38

Prophet Nooh (Peace be upon him) tolerated all the nonsense of his people and kept on building the ark. When it was made, Allah, The Almighty, ordered him (Peace be upon him) to embark on it:
[Embark in the ark with a pair, male and female, of every kind of animal and members of your family except those against whom the word has already gone forth, and the rest of the Muslims.]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter:11, Verse:40

Then Prophet Noon (Peace be upon him) accepted this divine order and told them.
[Embark therein; in the name of Allah is it’s moving and it’s berthing, no doubt, my Lord is assuredly forgiving, merciful.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:11, Verse:41)
As we know that a few people only accepted Prophet Nooh (Peace be upon him)’s message and even his son was amongst those who refused to hear him. Prophet Nooh (Peace be upon him) made a last effort to bring his son in the ark by saying:
[Embark with us and be not with non-believers! He (Nooh’s son) said, now I will take refuge of any
mountain. It will save me from the waters.]

(Holy Quran, Chapter:11, Verse:42)

Prophet Nooh (Peace be upon him) said to his son:
[Today there is no protection from the torment of Allah but for him on whom He has mercy on.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:11, Verse:43)
Prophet Nooh (Peace be upon him) was talking with his son, when suddenly a wave came in between the two of them and Allah, The Almighty, gave the order:
[O Earth, swallow your water………]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter:11, Verse:44

This flood in reality was a worldwide event. Each and everything on this planet was drowned in the flood water. Later Allah, The Almighty, ordered:
[O Heaven, with hold’, and the water was dried and the affair was accomplished and the ark settled on mountain Judi……..]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter:11, Verse:44

All the living creatures on the ark came out and began a noble life on this new earth. Allah, The Almighty, said:

….[O’ Nooh get down from the ark with peace from Us and with blessings on you and on some of the people from those with you…….]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:11, Verse:48)