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(Peace be upon him)

Once an army of enemies came to attack the people of Prophet Dawood (Peace be upon him). A strong man named Jaloot was the chief of that army. Everyone had a great fear for him and no one dared to face him. During the war, they asked help from Allah, The Almighty.
[When they came across Jaloot and his armies, they submitted ‘ O our Lord pour forth stead fastness upon us and make our steps firm, and help us against disbelieving people.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter: 2, Verse:250)
Allah, The Almighty, helped them in rooting out the enemy. Prophet Dawood (Peace be upon him) killed the mighty Jaloot using the power and skill Allah, The Almighty, gave him.
[Then they routed them by the command of Allah and Dawood slew Jaloot and Allah gave him a kingdom
and wisdom and taught him what he pleased…….]

( Holy Quran, Chapter: 2, Verse:251)
Allah, The Almighty, made him a vicegerent on the earth.
[O Dawood, undoubtedly we have made you a vicegerent on the earth, therefore order between mankind with truth, and do not follow desire, otherwise it would cause you to go astray from the path of Allah. Verily, those who go astray from the path of Allah, there is for them a severe torment, for that they have forgotten the day of reckoning.]
Holy Quran, Chapter: 38, Verse:26))

Prophet Dawood (Peace be upon him) was a very just ruler. The people came to him to settle their quarrels and all other problems. One day, a sheep went wondering on someone else’s field and ate up all the crops. The owners of the field and sheep came to the prophet Dawood (Peace be upon him). He decided that the sheep should be given to the owner of the field, but the prophet’s son, Sulaiman (Peace be upon him), opposed this decision. He advised that the sheep should be handed over to the owner of the field, and the field to the sheep’s owner. Thus, let the field’s owner enjoy the milk of the sheep until the crops grew back to the original size by the sheep’s owner. Prophet Dawood (Peace be upon him) appreciated this idea. Allah, The Almighty, said:
[And remember Dawood and Sulaiman, when they gave decision regarding ther field into which the sheep of certain people strayed therein by night and we were present at the time of their judgement. We
witnessed their judgement. We inspired Sulaiman the understanding of the matter, and bestowed to both of them judgement and knowledge…….]

((Holy Quran, Chapter:21, Verse:78

Allah, The Almighty, directed mountains and birds to glorify Him with Dawood (Peace be upon him)
[…….and remember our bondman Dawood, the man of strength, undoubtedly he is a great peniten. Undoubtedly we have subjected mountains that they with him glorify Allah at evening and sunrise. And the birds Assembled, all were obedient.]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter: 38, Verses:17-19

Allah ,The Almighty, has given His book, Zaboor, to Prophet Dawood (Peace be upon him).)
[And undoubtedly, we preferred some Prophets over the others and gave to Dawood a scripture ‘Zaboor’. ]

(Holy Quran, Chapter:17, Verse:55)

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