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(Peace be upon him)

Prophet Sulaiman (Peace be upon him) was the son of Dawood (David) (Peace be upon him)
[And we bestowed to Dawood, Sulaiman. What a fine bondman! Verily, he was most repenting.]
((Holy Quran, Chapter:38, Verse:30
Prophet Sulaiman (Peace be upon him) became the successor of his father.
[And Sulaiman became the successor of Dawood…]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:27, Verse:16)

Prophet Sulaiman (Peace be upon him) asked Allah, The Exalted, for a kingdom, which no other Prophet had been blessed with. So He accepted his wish and gave him a kingdom to rule.
[He said ‘O my Lord! Forgive me and bestow me a kingdom, which may not suit to anyone else after me. Undoubtedly, you are the Granter of big bounties.]
((Holy Quran, Chapter:38, Verse:35
Prophet Sulaiman (Peace be upon him) was also given extra ordinary powers. For example, the wind was ordered to obey his command.
[Then we subjected the wind to him that it ran by his commandment softly, wherever he desired.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:38, Verse:36)
Also, his throne was able to fly in the air and reach any distant place in just seconds.
[And to Sulaiman we subjected the wind, its morning stage was of month journey and its evening stage was of a month journey…….]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter:34, Verse:12

In addition, Allah, The Almighty, gave him the ability to understand the languages of birds and all animals.

[And said O people, we have been taught the language of birds, and we have been bestowed of everything….]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter:27, Verse:16
Once Prophet Sulaiman (Peace be upon him) was passing with his soldiers through a valley of ants. One of the ants told the others to get out of the way:
[Until when they came to the valley of the ants and said, O ants, enter your houses, lest Sulaiman and his armies may crush you unknowingly.]
((Holy Quran, Chapter:27, Verse:18

Prophet Sulaiman (Peace be upon him), of course, was able to understand the language of the ants. He laughed and ordered his soldiers to stay until the ants entered a safe place.

[There upon he smilingly laughed at her words and said O my Lord, grant me guidance that I may be grateful for your favor which you have bestowed upon me and my parents and that I may do such good works as would please You….]
((Holy Quran, Chapter:27, Verse:19

Prophet Sulaiman (Peace be upon him) was also given an army of jinns, men, and birds.
[And there were gathered for Sulaiman his armies amongst jinns and men and birds, then they were held back.]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter:27, Verse:17

One day he did not see the Hud Hud (Hoopoe) bird in amongst his soldiers. He waited for a while, then suddenly the hoopoe came flying in and sat before him, informing him of a city named Saba.
[Then the hoopoe did not stay long and came and said, I have seen that which you have not seen and I have brought to you a certain news from the city of Saba. I saw a woman reigning over them and she has got everything and has a great throne. I found her people prostrating before the sun leaving Allah and the devil was adorning their deeds in their eyes and barred them from the straight path so that they do not get the way. ]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:27, Verses:22-24)
Then Prophet Sulaiman (Peace be upon him) decided to send a message inviting her and her people to the way of Allah , The Almighty:
[Take my edict and cast it to them, then moving
aside from them see what answer they return.]

((Holy Quran, Chapter:27, Verse:28

When the queen of Saba received this letter, she called her chiefs to look into the matter at hand.
[The woman said, O chiefs undoubtedly there has been cast a noble letter towards me. Undoubtedly, it is from Sulaiman and it is by the name of Allah, the most Affectionate, the Merciful.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:27, Verses:29-30)

She went on passing to them the message of the letter as saying:
[Do not be arrogant against me and come to me submitting. She said O my chiefs, advice me in this matter, I do not decide any matter firmly until you are present with me. They said, we are men of great strength and of severe fighting skill, but the authority is yours, therefore see what you command. She said, undoubtedly, when the king enters any town, he ruins it and disgraces its honorable inhabitants, and thus they do. I have to send a gift to him, then I shall see what answer the messenger brings back.]
((Holy Quran, Chapter:27, Verses:31-35

When the precious present was brought to the Prophet Sulaiman (Peace be upon him) it made him angry.
[when he ( messenger) came to Sulaiman he said, do you help me with wealth? But that which Allah has given me is better than that which he has given to you133return them, we shall therefore bring that army to them against which they will have no power and we shall necessarily turn them out of the city disgraced in a manner that they will be humbled.]
((Holy Quran, Chapter:27, Verses:36-37

Prophet Sulaiman (Peace be upon him) returned the gift to the Queen of Saba. She realized that he was not a king and decided to visit him in person. When the prophet found out her intention, he wanted to show her the power he enjoyed.
[Sulaiman said O chiefs, which of you may bring her throne to me before they come to me submitting? One big evil jinn said, I will bring it to you that throne before you rise from your council; and undoubtedly, I have full strength for this work, trustworthy. Then one who had knowledge of the book said, I should bring it to you before the wink of an eye. Then when Sulaiman saw the throne set before him, he said, this is by the grace of my Lord………]
(Holy Quran, Chapter: 27, Verses:38-40)

Prophet Sulaiman (Peace be upon him) directed his army to change the shape of the throne.
[Sulaiman ordered, make the throne of the woman strange before her by changing its shape, so that we see whether she recognizes the right path or is one who remains misguided. Then when she came, it was said to her, Is your throne like this? She said, as it is
the same….]

(Holy Quran, Chapter:27, Verses:41-42)

Prophet Sulaiman (Peace be upon him) had a beautiful place. She was asked then to enter it.
[It was said to her, come to the courtyard. But when she saw it, she thought it was deep water and uncovered shanks. Sulaiman said, it is a soft courtyard set with glasses. The woman said, O my Lord, I have wronged my soul and now I submit with Sulaiman before Allah who is the lord of the entire world.]
Holy Quran, Chapter: 27, Verse:44))