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(Peace be upon him)

Prophet Ayub (Peace be upon him) was Allah, The Almighty’s one of the righteous messengers.
[And we gave him Ishaque and Yaqoob, we showed the path to all of them and showed the path to Nooh before them, and of his progeny, to Dawood and Sulaiman and Ayub and Yusuf and Musa and Haroon, and thus we recompense the righteous.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:6, Verse:84)

Prophet Ayub (Peace be upon him) was a rich man with thousands of sheep, animals, and farmland spreading over thousands of acres. He was blessed with seven sons, seven daughters and a beautiful and obedient wife.
[One day, all his children were invited to his brother’s house. While they were there having a good time, the house collapsed. It happened so suddenly that no one managed to escape and died under the debris of the house. With this tragedy, a loss with his wealth struck Prophet Ayub (Peace be upon him) as all his farmland was destroyed by fire and thousands of animals died as well. Prophet Ayub (Peace be upon him) suffered an unbelievable loss. Later he himself was struck by a disease, causing him to be isolated from society. His very own relatives moved away from him and the villagers decided to send him out of the village. At this crucial time, only his wife looked after him. Historians describe that this condition continued for at least seven years, probably more.]
(Ziaul Quran, part:3, page:180)
But the pious prophet kept remembering his Lord, Allah, The Almighty.
[And remember Ayub, when he called his Lord that distress has touched me and you are the most Merciful of the Merciful.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter: 21, Verse:83)
Allah, The Almighty, ordered Prophet Ayub (Peace be upon him) to strike his foot against the ground, which would gush out water. He was then told to bathe with that water and drink some as well.
As it was noted, he did as he was told and became
healthy again
[We said, strike your foot with the ground, here is the cool stream for bathing and for drinking. ]
((Holy Quran, Chapter:38, Verse:42

Allah, The Almighty, then gave back to Prophet Ayub (Peace be upon him) all his wealth and children
[And We responded to him and removed the distress that was on him , and We restored his family to him, and doubled their number, as a grace from Ourselves, and as an admonition to the devotees.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter: 38, Verse:43)

There is a great lesson to learn from the life of Prophet Ayub (Peace be upon him). Prophet Ayub (Peace be upon him)’s example shows how an obedient servant of Allah , The Almighty, should face any distress in his life and how the blessings of Allah, The Almighty, come as a reward of patience.
[Therefore, surely there is ease with hardship. Undoubtedly, there is ease with hardship.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter: 94, Verses:5-6)
Prophet Ayub (Peace be upon him) set an example of patience all for the sake of Allah,The Almighty. And thus his name has become a symbol of patience in the history of Islam.