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(Peace be upon him)

Prophet Zakaria (peace be upon him) had no children. He wanted to have a son. One day Maryam (May Allah be pleased with her) was given under the guardianship of Prophet Zakaria (peace be upon him), her uncle. He went to her prayer place and found a delicious fruit that was out seasoned.
[…….Whenever Zakaria went to her place of prayer, he found new provisions with her. He said O Maryam (Mary)! Where did this come to you? She said it was from Allah, no doubt Allah gives whomsoever He pleases without measure.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:3, Verse:3)

Prophet Zakaria (peace be upon him) thought that if she could get out-seasoned fruit then, why not I could get a child. Being an old man, it would be like getting an out seasoned fruit. So, he prayed to Allah
The Almighty, at the prayer place of Maryam (May Allah be pleased with her:)

[O my Lord, my bones are weakened and the flame of oldness appears from my head and O my Lord, I never remained unsuccessful after calling you. And I fear my relations after me, and my wife is barren. Then bestow from yourself upon me any one who may take over my work. He should be my heir and be the heir of my children of Yaqob. O my Lord! Make him one whom you are well-pleased.]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter:19, Verses:4-6
As Prophet Zakaria (peace be upon him) prayed, an angel came down and informed him:
[Then the angels called him and he was offering prayer standing at the place of worship, no doubt Allah gives you glad tidings of Yahya was confirm a word from Allah, a chief and prophet amongst our righteous.]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter: 3, Verse:39
Then Prophet Zakaria (peace be upon him) said:
[O my Lord! From where shall I have a son, for I am old and my wife is barren. Said, Allah does whatever he pleases. ]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter:3, Verse:40

The angel assured him this was from Allah so the Prophet Zakaria ( Peace be upon him) asked for a sign.
[Submitted he, O my Lord! Give me a sign.]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter: 3, Verse:41
Allah , The Almighty, said as a sign he was going to have a son, he could not speak to anyone for three days.

[Said, Your sign is that you shall not speak to people for three days by words, but only with signals. And remember your Lord much and praise Him near sunset and dawn.]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter:3, Verse:41

He followed the command of Allah, The Almighty, and was blessed with a son named Yahya whom He, The Almighty, made His messenger.
[O Yahya (John) hold fast the book. And we blessed him with prophethood in his childhood.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:19, Verse:12)

Prophet Yahya (peace be upon him) was well behaved with his parents and a pious servant of Allah, The Almighty.
[And (he) was well behaved towards his parents and was not arrogant nor disobedient.]
((Holy Quran, Chapter:19, Verse:14

So Allah, The Almighty, bestowed him with His blessings.
[And peace is on him the day he was born and the day he will die and when he will be raised alive.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:19, Verse:15)