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(Peace be upon him)

Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him)was sent by Allah, The Almighty, to the people of Thamod. They had big palatial houses in the mountains, fields full of corn and gardens of dates. But as the people before them, they also forgot the divine message of Allah. When Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him) tried to show them the righteous path, he called:
[O my people, worship Allah, you have no deity beside Him, He evolved you from the earth and caused you to live therein, then beg forgiveness of Him, then turn to Him.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:11, Verse:61)

They replied to Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him):
[O Saleh, you looked promising amongst us before, Do you forbid us to worship what our fathers worshipped and verily we are in big doubt regarding that
to which you call us.]

((Holy Quran, Chapter:11, Verse:62

Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him) had declared himself as a messenger of Allah, The Almighty, in an unambiguous sentence to them, as he said:
[Undoubtedly, I am the trusted messenger of Allah for you, therefore fear Allah and obey me. I ask you no wage for it, my wage is only upon Him who is the Lord of the world.]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter:26, Verses:143-145
The people denied to obey him and exclaimed:
[ [Shall we follow a man from among ourselves? Then we indeed are misled and mad.]
( (Holy Quran, Chapter:54, Verse:24

And they said:
[You are indeed a man like us….]
( (Holy Quran, Chpter:26, Verse:154
The people of Thamood refused to listen to him and reiterated their wish in obeying their ancestors and following their practices. Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him) advised them to give up their elder’s teachings.
[ [Therefore, fear Allah and obey me. And follow not the bidding of those who exceed the limits. Who spread disorder in the earth and do not reform.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:26, Verses:150-152)

Very patiently and calmly Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him) continued with his divine message, but those who accepted him as a messenger could be counted by hand. The non-believers laughed at him and asked to be shown a miracle.

[Therefore bring any sign, if you are truthful.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:26, Verse:154)

Then Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him) said:
[O my people! This she-camel of Allah is a sign (miracle) for you. Leave her alone, let her eat in Allah’s earth and touch her not with evil, lest a near torment will reach you. Then they hamstrung her, then Saleh said (to them) enjoy in your houses three days more. This is a promise that will not be falsified.]
(Holy Quran, Chapter:11, Verses:64-65)

As Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him) promised the non-believers, one day the torment of Allah, The Almighty, came down.
[Then the earthquake took them so in the morning they lay prostrate in their homes. Then Saleh turned back his face from them and said, O my people! Undoubtedly, I did deliver to you the message of my Lord and wished you good, but you do not approve the well-wishers.]

( (Holy Quran, Chapter:7, Verses:78-79